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(Note: I received the product mentioned in this post for free from Reebok. This post also contains tracking links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.)


“Great acts are made up of small deeds.”



| P R E F A C E |

As many brands are jumping on the athleisure train, there’s one thing I note when determining which will make it into my wardrobe. First a great brand has to have a superb brand image. Secondly, they must remain true to who they are in an ever-changing landscape, evolving with the times. The first is easy if you have good creatives behind you. The second, well that takes some practice and self-awareness.

The ability to keep the brand identity while looking forward is a feat many struggle with. A few that come to mind that successfully balance the two are Nike, Adidas and Victoria’s Secret. One brand that didn’t originally dawn on me was Reebok, which now is in my top five. If I’ve learned anything from this brand, it’s to go beyond your comfort zone.

In the past when I heard Reebok, I instantly imagined an older women wearing comfort sneakers; you know, the granny steeze. Clearly I had discounted the brand who has made major improvements and adjustments since the late 90’s. It wasn’t until I caught wind of their “Be More Human” campaign that I was re-introduced to the brand and their unique messaging. Then came the launch of their new design, the ZOKU RUNNER. Needless to say, I was sold.




The American-inspired global brand is known for their sports and lifestyle products. Built upon a strong heritage and authenticity in sports, fitness and women’s categories, Reebok’s history and values run deep. They are dedicated to providing each and every ‘athlete’ – professional or recreational- with the opportunity, products and inspiration to achieve their full potential. Much like my own personal beliefs, Reebok champions that we’re all worthy of pursuing and achieving greatness.



Drawing inspiration from the Reebok Classic designs of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, the ZOKU RUNNER nails it by fusing the brand’s rich heritage with advanced design. I have a thing for brands that go beyond the surface. One way to achieve this is through symbolism and deep intentional meaning. The ZOKU RUNNER does just that by paying homage to the Japanese translation of Zoku, which means ‘to be continued’ or ‘to be part of a tribe.’

The ZOKU RUNNER, a descendant of the original Classic, celebrates the continuation through its modernized and updated silhouette. Crafted with ULTRAKNIT material, a superior digital knitting technology, the ZOKU RUNNER has a sock like feel and futuristic fashion appeal. Wearing it through out the whole shoot, the comfort was undeniable, which now I know is due to the seamless knit upper and heathered materials. It’s breathable, lightweight and extremely comfortable. On top of it all, the technology reduces material waste.


| THE B A C K S T O R Y |

Sometimes we justify discomfort for superficial reasons. After experiencing a back injury that left me inactive for about a month, I now consider many factors when purchasing a shoe. For instance, long-term comfort and support comes first and foremost. Then style and design. If it can provide all the above, even better. I kid you not, the ZOKU RUNNER is one of the most modern in terms of style and technology and the most comfortable shoe I own.

After this injury I also began to take note of other things that could act as a factor for poor back health. I looked straight to my everyday tote. Most of us girls throw any and everything into one big bag, which we lug around all day. Sounds great for your back, I know. This in and of itself could be considered a workout, a safe one? Not so much.

Initially, what I loved most about this pair of shoes was how light they were. I threw them in my bag on my way to the gym and barely noticed I had been carrying them. For most of us “on-the-go” women, we go from one thing to the next. Luckily this shoe works with you not against you, allowing you to move freely without weighing (or slowing) you down.



– One piece knit upper for a lightweight, sock-like fit

– Low-cut design for a sleek and sophisticated silhouette

– DMX Lite midsole cushions for a superior feel

– Heathered upper

– High abrasion rubber outsole for traction and durability



Click here to buy the ZOKU RUNNER.






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| HAIR |

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  1. Welcome back girl!!! So glad to see your posts again and that you’re back on your feet!
    Love this rad look and the style you created around these super cool rebooks! I haven’t seen this brand in forever and I used to be such a fan!
    I do need to take care of my back as well, thanks for the reminder babe!

  2. This is a truly extraordinary post ! I’m amazed at the way Reebok has restyled its classic sneaker and even more amazed at how YOU have styled it ! Wow ! Love the colors and textures here and just the energetic vibes !

  3. You’re such an artistic and an inspiration. I couldn’t help but lust over those gorgeous kicks. I love the coral color. I maof get myself on. Xx

  4. I also always thought of Reebok as the granny style from times to times but those shoes are really insane! You killed it and this outfit is too cool!

  5. WOW babe love this editorial pictures and how the athleisure styles looks on you!!
    Love all the looks and those coral kicks are a dream.


  6. Coco says

    Oh hello gorgeous! I look up to you as a style chamaleon! Reebok is a super hot brand among fashion influencers right now, and you did it justice with this outstanding athleisure look! This shooting is like a professional ad campaign for styling and quality pictures. Plus I’m crushing over these coral red sneaks! Baci, Valeria – Coco et La vie en rose FASHION & BEAUTY

  7. This is my first time stopping by your blog and I love everything your doing! Love the creative direction you’ve taken in these captures! Every shot you’ve taken makes me want to go out and purchase a new pair of Reeboks! I’m about the athleisure look and you really took it up a step here and I def agree about trying to move forward and evolve while trying to maintain who you are is difficult, be it brand or personally. Also, killer hair babe!

    Manda | EvocativelyChosen.com

  8. I love the way Reebok has rebranded itself. Those shoes are really chic and I can see them being styled in so many ways. Love the color too!

  9. I loooove your Reebok sneakers and love how you styled them! You look so unbelievably kickass!! Reebok really is such a great brand when it comes to sneakers

  10. vaneberlin15 says

    Totally agree girl! Brands should remain who they are! I personally love the Reebok brand because of their comfort and how perfect they are for any occasion. I’m especially in love with the color you chose because it adds a nice pop of color to any look! By the way, the hair is amazing!!! Thanks for sharing babe <3



  11. As a true sneaker lover it actually hit me I haven’t kept up with Reebok lately and that’s why it’s very interesting to see what they’re up to nowadays and the results not only surprised me in a good way, but also made me want to get a pair of my own as I really love how they’re both stylish, but also have a health aspect included in their design. If we talk about style, they’re really versatile and can be combined with so many things, both dressing up or dressing down! I love them!


    • Thanks Thomas, glad we were both avid street ‘styl-ers’ who lost touch with Reebok. So happy to re-introduce you to the company <3

  12. SavvyGreyStyles says

    I just love these sneakers and how you styled them. This Coral pink color is so pretty and perfect for spring. Love those stripe socks too !

  13. WOW babe, I’m blown away by the visuals, great team work and great styling. I’m obsessed with the Snoop tee (I got it too) hehe! The Reeboks look so perfect with the 90s vibes going on here, great post! xx C.

    • Dear M. OBSESSED is an understatement. First off the reebok sneaks are so fire! I love the way they look on you, you rock them. The 90’s vibes in this post are so strong and being a 90’s kid I have to give this post a standing O! Also, I love the shots as usual. You are so innovative and creative. Keep it up girl! Such a fan.
      xoxo, Dom

      • I’m a fan of you too D! Thanks for your continual support and kind words, you’re the best <3


    • Thank you! It was so fun building the team and directing this one. So happy you enjoyed the visuals and the Snoop tee! We should rock them together hah 😉


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