Change your perspective,

change your view.



In 2014, I became aware that I was beating myself up over what I was without. The issue was I couldn’t seem to notice or appreciate the great things in front of me that I did have. It wasn’t until December that I realized this unhealthy pattern needed a perspective check, pronto. Hence introducing, The Gratitude Journal. Each morning I would date a fresh page and start out with an intention for the day. That night, I would reflect on the day to see what I was truly grateful for and if I had fulfilled my intention.Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset

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Taking this practice with me into the New Year, I noticed profound effects in my attitude within just one month. This year will be the year of unwavering optimism. I know this because of the way I welcomed in the New Year.Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset

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As we left the party in the Hollywood Hills, Evan and I head back towards Downtown Los Angeles. Just before midnight we drove up to the top of White Knoll Dr. to get a view of the city skyline. We kissed the sky and 2014 goodbye as fireworks began to sparkled below us.

They looked quite small against the vast landscape we were now looking down upon. We both acknowledged the difference we felt as we watched the fireworks from this vantage point. 2014 was a time when we were on ground level looking up, marveling with excited eyes at the grand beauty of fireworks lighting the sky. In this case, it could also be equated to feeling quite small and insignificant. This was no longer the the case.

The next day we realized how many more fireworks we were able to see when we were above it all. How silly it was for us to feel small when little did we know, we had more than we knew. It was as if we were zooming out of fame to find a grander, bigger picture. In this light, you can begin to embrace how far you’ve truly come yet also see all the potential options you have yet to explore.

.  .  .

Here’s to 2015, make it count!
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FLIGHTLESS B I R D || 05.12.14

Soaring east–

Three birds took flight

 chasing away the demons & shadows of your yesterday.


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As the Summer sun trapped its heat in my apartment, I began to lose energy. Before I could melted into a relaxed state similar to that of a sauna, I decided to kill two birds (never a Mockingbird) with one stone; I headed out for a late afternoon stroll to escape the heat and re0energize. This has become something I look forward to each day and a rewarding experience to say the least.

Four minutes into my walk I end up dropping my iPhone, shattering the screen. I guarantee you I am the most graceful klutz’s you’ll ever encounter. But instead of reacting I just let it be. I pivoted at the end of the street for my return up the hill and the idea of manifesting your own reality resurfaced from the depths of my restless memory. Something or someone said to me,

If you need something, just ask for it. 

Is it that easy? Can I really just ask for an opportunity to get a new iPhone? I smiled to myself for I was happy I could transform a negative into a positive and chase any trace of pessimism away with a dose of optimism. As this thought passed, I looked up at a tree that stood majestically in front of me. Its limbs sprawled with blossoms delicately placed along each intricate branch. In between these branches something appeared–a hummingbird. She stopped long enough for me to notice but quick enough for her beauty to be missed. Having occurred consecutively after a moment of clarity made the impact seem even more surreal. This little bird won’t leave my side, for she plays a pretty song in my life story. I’ve never met a creature so delicate yet so strong. These are the moments that allow me to see life for how it truly is,


Meditation Music

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