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“Shop your favorite brands from real life pictures.” – Brandicted


(Photo: Natalie Wentworth)

Recently I became familiar with Brandicted, a new online site that can be best described as Amazon (online shopping) meets Instagram. Brandicted aims to help shoppers find brands they love and additionally provides you with some recommendations as well. If you’d like to stay up to date and informed on your favorite brands and continue learning about some new ones along the way, Brandicted is a great online resource for you to stay ahead of the game.

I have begun to notice how bombarded I feel with products and “stuff” lately. I think simplicity is the key to shifting through the chaos of consumerism and I hate to admit it but we have become lazy when it comes to shopping. Most of us would prefer to be directed to what we like rather than have to go out and find it. I liked using Brandicted for this reason, it’s easy to navigate and still visual, which is the equation for online success in my opinion. Two thumbs up.

To learn more about Brandicted, be sure to check out the site and create your account, https://brandicted.com/quiz/nike?c=mrgn

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