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“To experience peace does not mean that your life is always blissful. It means that you are capable of tapping into a blissful state of mind amidst the normal chaos of a hectic life.”

We all know that sinking feeling when things seemingly don’t go our way. I would imagine it feels quite similar to swimming upstream. Tell it to the girl who got her wisdom teeth pulled, the flu, as well as a flat tire in a week’s time. When it rains it pours (I write this as rain pounds the streets of Los Angeles).

Through these growing pains, a lesson can always be learned. Personally I learned rain is the ultimate cleanser…and we can’t control the flow. Nature will work it’s course, and we must ride the tide. We will arrive changed and in the grace of a peaceful sea, eventually, with some faith. Easier to say once the storm has settled.


To me, in these trying times, the purpose seems to be the ultimate test of one’s faith, strength and character. We may not be in control of everything, but we are indeed in control of our perspective and reactions. That may seem minuscule but it’s truly liberating knowing that we may channel any negative circumstance into pure gold; or what I simply refer to as “transforming the mess into the message.”

We’ve all played the victim at one time or another. Why me? It’s his fault for cutting me off. I have bad luck and so on and so on. I get it. It’s easier to place the blame elsewhere than to take sole responsibility. But the truth is, we are actually co-creators in everything we experience. You might even say we welcomed in this ‘issue’ as an imperative life lesson we subconsciously know we must learn.



I want to show you that you can enjoy your problems. First and foremost, you have to see these so-called problems as opportunities. If we see them as problems, then we got problems. If we can’t make that shift in thought, we can’t enjoy the journey and grow. Because if you think about it, much of life is purely a figment of our imagination. The going may get rough (at times) but it is what we perceive (overall) that shapes our reality. Why not perceive it in a light that makes life as a whole most exciting?

For whatever reason, you’ve undeniably welcomed this situation into your life. Whether it be a difficult relationship that’s teaching you about yourself in relation to others or a series of unfortunate events that’s testing your patience. We all have something to gather from each (problem) opportunity. Simply looking at it as so, is a great place to begin. A simple change in words and perspective can work magic in your life. Best thing, it’s free. If you read this, I hope one thing: You shift from ‘the victim’ to the ‘the opportunist’ by seeing each problem as an opportunity to improve your life. 



| MAV M A N T R A |

I transform the mess into the message.



Another huge adjustment is gratitude. I can’t stress enough how important it is to place your attention and intent in the right places. In the midst of chaos it’s easy to notice what’s going wrong. I do it too. But, what if you were to remember to acknowledge what went right? If you were in an accident, maybe you weren’t injured. Perhaps you lost a valuable item, but now you have space to welcome in something new. Whatever it may be, try to focus on what’s working. This simple shift gives you a new outlook on the situation.



These are essentially simple (and effective) ways to learn, grow, and become more compassionate, which is why I think we’re all here, don’t you? These tough lessons come as blessings in disguise so that we may work out our issues together. What better way to improve than by learning from one another and being your own guru.

So welcome and face your challenges with an openness that sets yourself up for success. Approach your opportunities courageously and become stronger. Acknowledge what’s going right and become abundant. Be grateful for each and every life lesson, because they will come and go like the ebb and flow, that is fasho. What will remain is mindfulness and the richness of life. An internal gold that no one can touch.

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  1. sbaltin1 says


    It is Steve you met at party Saturday Happy new year! This is my email, nice post

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Awesome post! Sometimes the worst things that have happened to you can be your greatest blessings! Happy New Year!

  3. You look absolutely amazing! Love this chic, elegant look and especially love this rich coral color on you. Such a fabulous hat as well. I especially love what you wrote about finding bliss within chaos and it’s true , that we can learn from difficult relationships.

  4. I agree! I think life is about perspective. It’s your attitude and the way you see things. If you have a positive outlook no matter what the situation, ultimately you’ll grow as a person. Also gratitude is so important! Trying to practice more of that this year.

  5. Wow, Is the first thing I have to say here. This is beautifully written girl. I can not begin to describe how much I connected with what you wrote. Jen up above basically said everything I wanted to say in response to this. Life is about perspective. And the way you look at life is perfect. It’s spot on and how anybody should look at the situations going on in their life. When you said “I Want to Show You You Can Enjoy Your Problems” that touched my heart. As a guy who was diagnosed with a disease called glaucoma 29 months ago, You can either sit at home and sob over the news, or you can take what your given and make something beautiful. Then you talk about gratitude, and you are so on point with every word you say. We should all have gratitude, regardless of what we are going through. I could go on and on about how I love this post. Let me sidetrack and also praise the beautiful shoot and outfit that goes along with this flawless post. You did a fantastic job with this post girl. I am so happy I took the time to go and read your blog today. THANK YOU, for all truth and honesty. You have a beautiful soul and perspective.
    All my love,

    • Dom Dom Dom,

      YOU. You sweetheart are why I write and do what I do. If I could like this thoughtful comment 100 times I would. THANK you for sharing. THANK you for your praise but more so THANK you for being open and vulnerable.

      Stay connected ,

  6. You are beautiful inside an out!
    Love your thoughtful writing babe. I couldn’t agree more.
    Problems can be a good thing and we can never forget to be grateful. There’s much more going on for us than against us!

  7. Chardline says

    This outfit is so boss! But the pumps really make it a dope outfit!! I love it! You make growing pains looks AMAZING!

  8. First, let me say that you write beautifully. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post! Second, thank you for these amazing words. I appreciate your thoughtfulness. I adore your outfit and the wonderful photos. Xoxo

  9. I love how you take a few bad happenings and turned it into something positive. We all need to remember how to do that. Great post. Love yor shoes and duster

  10. thenewgirldar says

    We all experience bad luck in life, not just once but very often but I believe after this bad luck comes real good luck coming your way! Tho I hope you feel better about your wisdom teeth! Must be painful. I have never experience it yet. I love reading your post, so deep girl!


  11. Sarah Emma says

    Hey happy new year … this photo shot is so cool. Orange is my favorite color. I usually browse ClothingRIC for all of my clothing shopping as it saves me a lot and offers me good collection.

    • I’m beginning to love it more, I read orange (in color therapy) is a color that offers emotional strength in difficult times. It helps us to bounce back from disappointments and despair, assisting in recovery from grief.

      All the best,

  12. I truly love the way you see life and facing hardships! There is no better way than getting through all than learning the key elements you just told us about and the most important one (with which I’m still struggling sometimes) is gratitude. Show gratitude and be grateful of what you got and have achieved!

    Thanks for a really inspirational post! 🙂

  13. I’ve really read this post at the right time. I was just thinking to myself – today has been a hard day and it’s been all sorts of annoying things.. why?! But after reading your post I feel inspired – it takes 30 seconds to change your attitude and like you said, turn the mess into messages!

    Thank you for the inspiration – Orange is also looking fabulous on you !


    • Hi Shloka,

      That makes me so happy to hear I found you in divine time. I hope your day and week has turned around for the best! Something tells me it has 😉


  14. Brooke Marston says

    Ms Muse, you are truly a beautiful soul. I love this perspective and making the mental shift from “the victim” to the “opportunist.” It’s something I work on constantly – some days are easier to do this than others. But the way you choose to look at it and write about it is so beautifully done. A lovely reminder to be kinder to ourselves and to be grateful for the opportunity to grow as a person.

  15. Carolina says

    Your Zorro hat is now much needed 😍 I love it so much!
    Im generally not a big fan of orange but I definetely change idea after see how it looks great in your look ❤


    • Thanks Kierra! I take a lot of time selecting my outfits and my photos, so I appreciate your appreciation and acknowledgement!

      Love yours as well!

  16. LOVE reading this post babe!! I like the way you think: problems are opportunities and mess are messages. These pictures are absolutely stunning. Love your head to toe look. This orange color looks beautiful in you.


  17. Wow, I’m just really happy that I find your blog. Your style is perfect. Don’t stop posting ,
    because I’m coming back:)

  18. Enjoyed to read your post. Pictures are awesome especially orange color looks beautiful. I usually browse clothingtrial for women clothing shopping as it saves me a lot and offers me good collection.

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