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“I am is one of the most powerful statements we can make. Whatever follows “I am” starts the creation of it.” – KRISTEN B U T L E R Have you stopped lately to listen to what you’re saying about yourself? The words you choose, the actions you take that reinforce these thoughts? I started my year off recognizing this truth by tapping into the word I AM. By doing so, I realized how easily […]


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I ascend in delight where the heaviness looms, and spirits they lift atop a misty cliff An inverted fog you engulf me in, a view so unclear as I watch you disappear In the golden valley below the skies open up, to taste your sweet tear oh, the melody I’ll hear I followed where you led upon water cast thy bread, a vision crystal clear, in the reflections of my fear Waited a long time to have you by […]


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“Our experiences have shaped us into the women we’ve become. By sharing our journeys, we can heal and help others along the way.” –SASHA F R A N K [8tracks width=”400″ height=”400″ playops=”” url=”″%5D THE BEAUTY C H R O N I C L E S Interviewed By Sasha Frank Photographed By Nat Sin Interviewee Morgan Ryan What does beauty mean to you? I think beauty is entirely a state of mind. To me, beauty is […]

S U R R E A L ( I T Y ) | PART II

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Short Story
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Head over to SURREALITY || Part I for a recap on how Mitch and I met __________ (Past Reflection) The day began with an overcast dreariness that kept me in bed an extra hour. My conscious and subconscious minds intertwine as I replay the final moments of last night’s dream. I watch myself fearlessly walk through a dark space that I now recognize to be a haunted house. Suddenly reality kicks in and all traces of fear […]

|| B A M B I N A || Makeup Monday

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      || “Maybe I’ll get you out of my head. Maybe I’ll forget all the things you said. Lies on your lips, but there’s love in your eyes” || – ALINA BARAZ, Maybe | MAV BEAUTY TIP | The Doe-Eye | large, gentle, dark eyes _________ To achieve a subdued version of the doe-eye for everyday wear, you’ll need a few essentials: 1). White liner 2) A Taupe or Neutral Eye Shadow 3) Mascara Highlight […]

|| R E S T L E S S ||

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R E S T L E S S  By Morgan Ryan I have a beautiful confusion between reality and illusion when it comes to you and my restless mind The gaps of silence I fill with doubt because speaking your truth you can do without But what is the point of these moments of connection if they fall to be forgotten without second mention?  ● ◎ ● || PHOTOGRAPHY || Evan Woods || BEAUTY || […]


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“Spark of inspiration, Light my spirit’s fire, Let the joy of creation Be my heart’s desire. Let me flow with the music, Let me dance my dreams alive, Let me sing my deepest feelings, Until the whole world thrives. Exploding into expression, My joy takes many forms, Leaving the tears and sadness For the warmth of tender arms. -Mystic Mamma A few months back Bianka and I met briefly at Quixote Studios. Despite her bold style, […]

|| BREAKING F A C A D E S || 6.7.15 ||

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I’d rather be honest and authentic and disappoint some people than to exhaust myself trying to keep up the façade of perfection. – Crystal Paine | MAV MANTRA | I have a right to speak my truth This week, all the signs pointed to this notion of authenticity. This reminder to always remain true to who you are is not a value new to me; rather it resides at the top of my list. However, having it tested simultaneously in […]


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THE SIREN’S CALL (A modern response to an ancient tale) Run in search of shelter The vast waters call upon As a means to escape the welter, I often become withdrawn  . . . A pattern I reprise A constant need to roam Yet free may I swim, in his aquamarine eyes, A place which binds me home . . . Behind them lies an unspoken deepness The gift of the seas abyss Where freedom […]