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 “We go away from the silence into the world of noise as if into a vast buzzing of insects, pushed to exist within the permanent irritation of dissonance. Without silence, we are lost and cannot become still enough to find our way back.”

-Mystic Mama

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 Lately I have been seeking refuge in the most natural way, nature. Living right outside of Los Angeles, I find comfort in knowing I can marvel at the city lights from afar while I ground myself. Living in such a fast paced environment, I have noticed how setting aside 15 minutes a day for this ritual has improved my overall well-being. I leave feeling motivated, inspired, and refreshed. I set the tone to become a magnet for positive attraction.

One of those happenings occurred last week when I was acknowledgement by of one of my favorite fashion designers, Rachel Roy.

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 After a long night of shooting and brainstorming, I woke up Thursday morning to a lovely surprise. Rachel Roy re-grammed my photo on her official Instagram/Twitter, stating that I embody the qualities of her designs. To me, this was extremely exciting and reaffirming. I realized I can in fact be a true reflection and positive representation of a reputable brand. In knowing this, I believe I will garner the attention of those I hope to inspire and influence.

Dream big and B e l i e v e.

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