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“From a small seed a mighty trunk may grow.” 

– A E S C H Y L U S


Ever since I could remember, I’ve been visualizing. As a young girl in elementary school, I used to be the last person to finish reading. I blame my creative mind, which would wander to exciting places mid-sentence (side note: still happens). The only spot I truly loved was the art room – probably because it was the only place I felt I belonged. The time I spent daydreaming and visualizing was welcomed here.

With anything in life, I realize it’s not all daydreams (although I wish it was). It’s vision combined with hard work that brings what you want into being. Strangely enough, with any accomplishment I’ve made, it’s through a balance of activity and inactivity. Many times what appears to be inactivity, is in fact is very active after all. Taoist refer to this as Wu Wei, and in this case, I call it active visualization. Let me explain…


Whenever I feel stuck, I pause, reflect and visualize. I’ve always been an advocate for vision boards. Not strictly for its artistic nature, but because it focuses energy and attention on the passion at hand. Love, fitness, career, whatever it may be, it helps the mind ‘go there,’ thus stimulating that dreamer we all have within.

In the midst of all the moving pieces of my career right now, which I’m extremely grateful for, I’ve had little time for inactivity. Feeling more pressure than before, I began to think, what’s next? As a result, I’ve negatively begun to doubt my creativity and the future. As dreamers, we should welcome if not anticipate the thought of what could be. In truth, I was running from the very person I am. When I slowed down to realize this, I knew I needed to take time some time out. I did just that in a rather unconventional way; when things picked up, I slowed down.


There’s a method to my madness. When you’re speeding ahead, you fail to catch the glimpse of the pretty house along the street you’ve never explored. You overlook the excerpt in a book that will inspire your next project. In slowing down, you find everything you need. You’re re-inspired. Thus I found a way to combine my work with my passions.

As I prepped for my Mane Addicts Instastory Takeover (<- click for a highlight), I applied my new found knowledge to social media. The weeks leading up the gig, I used my account to play and test new ideas. Not only was this personally fulfilling, it also left me reassured I could do my best when it came time to take over their account. In fact this methodology helped me successfully accomplish my immediate goal (hitting over 9,000 impressions) while I created a road map for future ones. One of those destined ventures being Hawaii. The idea: reconnecting to the source.


When I initially dug up information on the Awapuhi Farm and Nature Retreat, my ears were ringing, “ready, set, location, shoot!” For years now, I’ve had the reoccurring vision of being on a remote island, sourcing ingredients and creating botanical/herbal products. One thing many people don’t know about me is that I turn to natural remedies and concoct my own beauty products.

Ayurveda or life science, has always been a secret passion of mine. It became more prevalent in my life when I was diagnosed with ADHD. After years of taking medication, I desired a more long term and natural solution. Thus, I begun to self-educate myself on nutrition and natural means of healing. When I realized this ‘ailment’ made me special not slow, I began to use it creatively to my benefit. That’s when the holistic healer kicked in and I hope one day to help others heal and reach total wellness too.

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When I learned Awapuhi Wild Ginger was born and sourced in Pa’auilo, Hawaii, I saw the initial blending of my two worlds; the muse meets the the healer. I saw myself there, exploring the nature, science and culture of this area. I saw me hosting, traveling, educating, and most of all, learning through personal experiences. Clearly, the passion alarm went off.

Two weeks ago, I had the pleasure of taking the first step in that direction. In attending the Paul Mitchell Innovation Center in Santa Clarita, I learned all about the Awapuhi line. It was invigorating to be educated on a product I use often and is rooted in Hawaiian culture. The herbalist in me enjoyed hearing about the ingredients and putting a face to the scientists in the lab. To see the work that goes into perfecting and delivering a product into the hands of the consumer was something special to experience.

Later that afternoon I left feeling all the hope in the world. In fact, I used the positive energy of the day as an opportunity to make my own slice of HI in CA. I made my way to Malibu and created an experience that one could equate to the Aloha State. The strange thing was, that weekend I truly believed a huge leap was made in the direction of that island. I felt one step closer towards actualizing that goal.

FullSizeRender (11)

FullSizeRender (10)

I’ve always had this island dream and I always will. Who knows, maybe the dream is better than reality. What I do know is I will eventually realize this dream and find out one way or another for myself.



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  1. Coco says

    You have a rare gift dear. What I strive to obtain with yoga, that is focusing to leave in the present moment without rushing forward, it’s in your nature. Your angelic beauty reveals your nature. And it totally makes sense that you see yourself as a healer, because you can help others visualise what they otherwise wouldn’t see. I’d love if your could share some of your natural beauty potions, I’m into natural beauty too. I can’t wait to try this line by Paul Mitchell and think of Hawaii. I hope you Dan soon be there by the way. Congrats for everything dear 🙂 Love, Valeria

  2. Welcome back girl! It feels good to read your inspiring posts again!
    Love this post as usual, and yes, sometimes taking a break is part of the process! It helps me a lot too.
    Also, I love Paul Mitchel products! Had no idea they were from Hawaii!
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Aw thanks A! Glad to be back and here to help always <3

      The Awapuhi line specifically was born in HI 🙂 Maybe I'll run a little contest on my Insta (@msmaverickmuse) and blog and give away some products!


  3. Welcome back babe! I love this sentence – ” It’s vision combined with hard work that brings what you want into being.” I’ve been procrastinating lately and I’m always full of ideas, so reading this helps, I needed some sense to be knocked into me. Thank you for this inspirational post xx


    • <3 Thank you 🙂 I'm so happy it inspired you to take action into your own hands to bring those incredible ideas to life 🙂


  4. Love your outfits and the beautiful words you’ve wrote! It is so inspiring and this is why I love reading your blog posts!

  5. I lovef teading this post. You’re so passionate and connected to who you are. That is applaudable. Congrats on yoyr IG story take over and how cool is the Paul Mitchell collection. Sounds amazing.

  6. Always so inspiring M! Beautiful pics as always too. Congrats on everything, proud of you!
    xoxo, Dom

  7. Love your content and creativity! Your photo looked stunning.

    xo Sheree

  8. Rametidrizi says

    Hi dear, Thank you for such an inspiration blogpost, i love your work. You’re now the reason i’m put in this place on list. Love it!
    Looking forward to get back on your blog. Thank you!


  9. You’re such an amazing writer! I really enjoyed this post, it is very inspiring… I need to think (and write) more like you!

    • Aw thanks Kirsten <3 I'm so glad you found me and enjoyed.

      Keep in touch and keep stopping by and I'm sure you will begin too 🙂


  10. Alyssa Moore says

    Throughout this entire post, what stuck with me the most was “slowing down”. I feel I am always running to the point where I am forgetting to “think before you speak, thank before you act.” I believe the universe is constantly giving out signs! Reading this post was a sign!

    • Ms. Morgan Ryan says

      Thanks Sam! Appreciate the love and that you stopped by <3

      Come again,

  11. Tony Kellam says

    Hey Morgan! I enjoyed this post of yours here. And, great to meet you at LAX a couple days ago! Keep Shining On! Tony

    • Ms. Morgan Ryan says

      Hi Tony!

      So nice meeting you as well 🙂 Hope the doggo is doing well!


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